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Message from Director

Dear Colleagues, Travel Trade Partners, Friends & Travelers,
Namaste! Greetings from Himalayan Landscape, Nepal!

Nepal was initially only accessible to a handful of mountain climbers during the 1950s. Touring and trekking in Nepal were simply a distant dream for those mountaineers seeking to conquer high peaks. However, after almost 60 years, Nepal has flourished and become a sought-after destination for enthusiastic travelers and holidaymakers worldwide. The country has successfully embraced the global tourism culture, offering the perfect combination of natural beauty and world-renowned heritage sites. This attracts adventure seekers and luxury travelers alike from every corner of the globe.

In my opinion, top-quality tourism is not solely reserved for the high-end luxury travel sector. It also encompasses eco-friendly, hygienic, and environmentally sound trips that are trendsetting in service. Our motto is to provide you with an all-encompassing touring experience that includes holiday leisure tours, special interest tours, and adventurous exploration tours. We have been creating the ambiance of "Smiling Holidays" since 1990 and are dedicated to offering our valuable clients the best possible travel and holiday-related services.

Nepal is a small country located below the Himalayan Chain that offers some of the most exciting touring options in the region. The country's stunning landscapes will captivate you with its unique Himalayan ranges, nature's gifted mid-hills, world cultural and heritage sites, lake cities beneath the Himalayan sanctuary, national parks with wildlife safaris, soft adventurous trekking, mountain flights, river rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, ultra-light aircraft, paragliding, sky treks, and many more.

Due to our extensive connections with tour operators outside Nepal, we are delighted to offer you all kinds of touring programs in Tibet, China, Bhutan, and India (including Sikkim & Darjeeling). Whether you prefer a ready-made tour package or a customized one, we recommend the best possible holiday options and assist you in fulfilling your dream destination. Besides offering competitive rates and quality service, we also provide personalized and specialized itineraries. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, we have the perfect remedy for your holiday tour requirements.

I wish you a good & memorable time during your tour with us.
Thanking You!

With Warmest Regards,